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Investing in OKWU’s Future

Endowment Fund

Help secure the future of OKWU by investing in our endowment today. Your donation supports scholarships and professorships that make our university an affordable and attractive option. Investments make a lasting impact on the lives of our students and faculty.

When you intentional give to endowment projects it enables growth and stability for years to come. Join us in making a difference today. Donate to our endowment fund.

The endowment fund is way of supporting and attracting the right kind of leadership.

– Robert Campbell, Alumnus & Former Professor 

A strong endowment enables OKWU to provide:

  • Scholarships for students to pursue their calling and training without the burden of overwhelming debt
  • Competitive pay and the ability to recruit top-quality faculty for our professorships
  • Innovation in academic programs to equip our students for success in a rapidly changing world
  • Nurturing spiritual life opportunities for students
  • Missional training for students to Be One Sent and advance the Kingdom of Jesus


Goal: $15 Million

Our endowment goal includes over $15 Million for student scholarships, creating opportunities for students to attend OKWU, and limiting the financial burden of higher education.

    • Ministry Scholarships
    • Nursing & Health Science Scholarships
    • Education & Humanities Scholarships
    • Business Scholarships


Goal: $10 Million

A $10 Million goal for professorships allows OKWU to remain competitive in the marketplace, ensuring that we can recruit and retain experts in their fields to lead our academic programs for years to come.

    • Dean of Ministry Position
    • Dean of Nursing & Health Science Position
    • Dean of Education & Humanities Position
    • Dean of Business Position
    • University Pastor Position

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Photo of Charles & Janice Drake

We give to OKWU to impact future generations, their faith, and cultural values. The projects we have supported have allowed more youth a learning environment with a focus on Jesus. We have been blessed and received much joy from our partnership and encourage others to help grow this university where Jesus is Lord!”

Charlie & Janice Drake

“We believe strongly in OKWU’s mission and that’s why we support it financially. OKWU has had a special place in our hearts since we met each other there 50 years ago. In these challenging times, we need a school like OKWU more than ever. We challenge everyone to support it financially to ensure it can continue to fulfill its mission.”

Roger & Marijean Metcalf, Chair of Board of Trustees
Photo of Roger & Marijean Metcalf,

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