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Investing in OKWU’s Future

Campus Renaissance

OKWU’s campus is over 27 acres — with growing space for athletics and multi-use housing.

To maintain our position as a leader in education, we need to upgrade our campus infrastructure. Renovating classrooms, labs, and living spaces will improve the student experience and drive future growth.

The Campus Renaissance projects will support modernization of academic spaces, residential housing, and expansion for the growing needs of students.

The Campus Renaissance will transform our community’s experience by providing:

  • A Christ-centered community for life-change
  • Enhancing facilities for quality learning
  • Renovations to dorms for safe and comfort
  • Expansions to student housing and classrooms
  • Boost recruitment and retention of top students

Wesley Hall

Goal: $400,000 / Matching Gift Challenge

Your gift to the NOW Campaign can go further! Thanks to a $100,000 matching gift from a generous donor, your donation to the Wesley Hall renovation project has double the impact! Join us as we seek to renovate the oldest dorm on campus. Since 1958, Wesley Hall has housed OKWU students. With your help, it will continue to be a place of community for our students for decades to come.

The renovation to Wesley Hall will update and modernize one of OKWU’s most historic dorms. Help us reach our goal by the end of 2024!

Wesley Hall at Oklahoma Wesleyan University

These projects will enhance the student experience and drive future growth.

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Parking & Safety

Goal: $1 Million

Better student parking and safety are vital for a great university experience and growth. With more parking spaces and improved safety, students can focus on studying and campus life. This elevates student satisfaction and strengthens the university. Your support helps build a reputation of a welcoming and secure campus.

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Campus Housing

Goal: $4 Million

Outdated dorms with insufficient space are negatively impacting the student experience and the university’s growth potential. By providing a supportive environment, we can boost student success, improve academic achievement, and attract even more talented students.

Student’s urgently need renovated and expanded residential dorms and multi-use housing:

Residential Dorms

Start goal of $500,000 by December 31, 2023, to renovate one older dorm.

  • Susanna Wesley Hall
  • Wert Hall
  • Scott Hall/Dorm 74
  • Phillippe Hall
  • Colaw Hall

Multi-use Housing

Start goal of $1 million by July 1, 2024, to increase multi-use housing capacity for students.

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