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What’s Happening in Two Weeks?

The midterm elections will determine who has control of the Senate: Democrats or Republicans, and who controls Congress has the most say in what policies are proposed.

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Faith, Capitalism, and Economic Freedom

When making a difficult decision, former President George W. Bush felt it was important to clearly communicate his beliefs. Three of his often expressed beliefs were his faith, and in the importance of capitalism, and economic freedom.

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The Religion of Tolerance

“Tolerance” is considered the holy grail for many. It is revered, almost to the point of religion, which is ironic, because many of the stout adherents to tolerance do not value religion.

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The midterm elections are coming up. Why are these elections important? The Senate is currently controlled by the Democratic party, and has been since 2006, but these midterm elections could give the Republican party a chance to regain control.

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