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All Eyes Are on Houston

If you have been reading the headlines recently, you have read about Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, and the hullabaloo surrounding and following it. If you have not, we have the background information for you.

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Associated Press | (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Is McDonalds a Test Case for Raising the Minimum Wage?

Union backed activists have pushed for a raise in minimum wage, but will they come to the rescue if the higher operating costs cause McDonalds to experience further decline in future sales? What if McDonalds cuts its work force? What happens then?

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What’s Happening in Two Weeks?

The midterm elections will determine who has control of the Senate: Democrats or Republicans, and who controls Congress has the most say in what policies are proposed.

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Faith, Capitalism, and Economic Freedom

When making a difficult decision, former President George W. Bush felt it was important to clearly communicate his beliefs. Three of his often expressed beliefs were his faith, and in the importance of capitalism, and economic freedom.

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