Is Free Speech Permitted at America’s Colleges?

Surprisingly, the majority of colleges in the United States, both public and private, restrict free speech. According to Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky, “the test of a free society is the ability to express opinions in the town square without fear of reprisal.” Most American colleges would not pass that test.

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The Obamacare Problem

Obamacare has posed a problem for Democrats. A recent speech by Charles Schumer questioning the wisdom of focusing on healthcare reform has created a fissure within the party.

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Fearing God Should be no Cause to Fear Your Government

At a symposium hosted by the Alliance Defending Freedom this fall, Seth Lipsky, a Wall Street Journal Contributor, spoke about faith and the American people. In his speech, he quoted the George Washington’s letter to the Congregation of the Touro Synagogue, and shared some personal experiences as well.

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book on poverty

The Answer to Poverty

Poverty is a world-wide problem that touches people everywhere and affects a myriad of other issues like drugs, war, immigration, economic policy, and government aid.

Because of poverty’s prolific state, people are looking for the best ways to alleviate it; people are looking for answers. People often first look towards the government, thinking maybe a different system would solve the problem. But what if the answer is found in the Bible?

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