Tailor your visit to campus to fit your specific needs. Our individual visits allow you to experience OKWU on a more personal level. Below is a list of things you can do on your custom visit. 

Schedule a Visit

Visit Days 2018: Sept 28th | November 9th  

Visit Days 2019: February 22nd | April 5th

These specialized Visit Days are a great time to visit Oklahoma Wesleyan University! See OKWU’s beautiful campus, check out what’s happening here, and meet some of our professors. This visit day starts with a 9am check in and then includes:

9:30am     Meet and Greet with Professors

10:10am   Chapel

11:00am   Campus Tour

11:45am   Lunch

12:30pm  We are OKWU – first hand info from OKWU students

1:00pm    Closing Sessions – important dates and more



Campus Tour – standard

Let one of our finest show you around and give you the best views of life at OKWU.


Visit with Admissions Counselor – standard

Gather material, ask questions, and get answers from your incredibly personable admissions counselor.


Meet a Faculty Member – optional*

Visit with a friendly professor from a major you’re considering. They have been ranked as the best!


Sit in on a Class Session – optional*

Begin building those attendance habits early, and get a sense of our challenging academic programs.

Plan to spend at least two hours with us. You can visit OKWU Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the fall and spring when classes are in session. (Class sessions are not available during the summer.)

*Please arrange your visit a week in advance if you wish to pursue these optional activities.

You may also call us at 866.222.8226 or send us an e-mail at admissions@okwu.edu.


Visit OKWU