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President’s Cabinet


OKWU’s Presidential Cabinet is a group of dynamic and gifted individuals, each committed to collaboratively assisting the university administration in elevating Oklahoma Wesleyan to its highest potential in influencing culture with the Grace & Truth of Jesus Christ.


Board of Trustees

Active Members

Mr. Roger Metcalf, Chair

Mr. Roger Skelly, Vice Chair

Mr. Trevor Shakiba, Secretary

Mr. Don Walker, Treasurer

Dr. Steve Babby

Dr. Robert Bingaman

Dr. Yorton Clark

Rev. Max Colaw

Mr. Stephen Colaw

Mr. Kevin Freeman

Rev. Mark Fuhr

Mr. Fran Gonzalez

Mrs. Marla Hoyer

Mr. Kyle Hubbard

Mr. Ward Koeser

Active Members

Mr. Warren Little

Mr. James Occhipinti

Mrs. Verla Powers

Rev. Tim Purcell

Mr. John Quinn

Rev. Ed Rotz

Rev. Nate Rovenstine

Rev. Peter Salmon

Rev. Mike Skor

Rev. Wes Smith

Dr. Phil Stevenson

Mr. Rob Swagger

Mr. Doug Wall

Dr. Billy Wilson


Mrs. Alice Adee

Dr. Robert Campbell

Rev. Edgar Chacon

Dr. Jim Garlow

Rev. Phil Harris

Gale Morgan Kane

Mrs. Naomi Mueller

Rev. Isaac Smith

Mr. Steve Stedwell

Dr. Chet Whitney



Dr. James A. Dunn

Dr. Wayne Schmidt

Rev. Russ Gunsalus

Mrs. Sandy Kent

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