Masters in Strategic Leadership (MSL)

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Masters in Strategic Leadership

The Masters in Strategic Leadership focuses on developing leadership skills such as strategic planning, team-building, communication, decision-making, and ethical reasoning, while also emphasizing the importance of servant leadership and social responsibility through a Christian worldview.

Courses may cover topics such as synergistic leadership, strategic planning and execution, global leadership, leadership theory, and applied leadership. Students are also required to complete a capstone project or internship to apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.

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Career Advancement

A Masters in Strategic Leadership from OKWU prepares students for leadership roles in a variety of industries, including non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private companies. The program can also equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to advance their careers and take on greater leadership responsibilities.

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Enhanced Leadership Skills

The program is designed to enhance leadership skills such as strategic thinking, decision-making, communication, problem-solving, and team-building. These skills are essential for success in leadership roles and can help individuals to become more effective leaders.

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Develop your Professional Network

OKWU provides networking opportunities with other students, alumni, and faculty members who share similar values and beliefs. This can help students build relationships and connections that may be useful for career advancement and personal growth.

Earn your MSL degree at OKWU

Career Path

Earning your MSSL can lead to a variety of career opportunities, some of which include: 

  • Training and Development Manager – median annual salary of $120,300
  • Program Administrator/Coordinator – median annual salary of $99,290
  • Change Manager – median annual salary of $120,130
  • Human Resources Manager – median annual salary of $126,230
Taught from a Christian Worldview
100% Online
Sharpen your leadership skills
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Featured Core Classes

Personal Individual Leadership

Emphasis will be on self discovery through validated leadership instruments, the development of a personal leadership strategic plan, inquiry into components of executive presence and understanding the specific steps required to improve the student’s understanding of their leadership strengths and opportunity areas. Additional focus will be placed on understanding the practices, experiences, and resources that will drive improved leadership performance and execution.

Synergistic Leadership

This course explores team dynamics, team membership, and the processes that lead to high performing groups and teams. Emphasis will be on team selection, formation, and the factors that lead to teaming success. In addition, this course will introduce students to emotional intelligence (EQ) and the skills and competencies that lead to effective leadership based on its premise. Graduate learners will explore how to apply EQ to leadership scenarios, will understand the business case for EQ, secure a solid understanding of its components and will employ the four components of EQ in leadership, and identify ways to improve their own levels of EQ.

Strategic Planning and Execution

In this course, graduate learners examine the strategic planning process and the principles of successfully executing strategic organizational initiatives. Students will study the leader’s role in developing and executing on an organization’s strategic plan. In addition, students will explore strategic processes that influence the direction of an organization. Graduate learners will acquire techniques for defining both the mission and objectives of an organization, understanding competitive forces and industry dynamics, analyzing components of a sustained competitive advantage, matching organizational strengths with environmental opportunities, and developing strategies and policies to achieve the organization’s mission as well as balance the interests of relevant stakeholders.

Cost Information

This 33-credit-hour degree will take approximately 8 weeks to complete and is available 100% online. Apply today to learn more about the OKWU MSSL.

Estimated Cost Estimated Total
Registration Fee $50
Graduation Fee $100
Total Resource Fee $1,650
Technology Fee @ $65 per term $390
Student Health Fee* $352
Tuition $18,150
Total Estimated Cost $20,692


*Students may opt out of the health fee.

Tuition and fees are subject to change at anytime. Changes to your course schedule may result in an increase in the estimated total cost.

Tuition Per Credit Hour

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