Biblical Studies & Christian Thought

Learn skills to prepare you to engage in profound thinking at universities, churches, and around the world.




Biblical Studies & Christian Thought

Graduates of the Biblical Studies & Christian Thought program at OKWU are uniquely prepared to engage in profound thinking at universities, churches, Christian high schools, political arenas, and all other areas of influence – with a solid foundation on the Word of God.

The Biblical Studies & Christian Thought program prepares students for a variety of careers. The goal for graduates of this program is not to master the Bible, but rather to be mastered by the Bible, called to be effective servants of God in any career they pursue. Graduates can go on to be Bible teachers, Christian apologists, professors, or theologians.

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Top-Notch Faculty

Every member of the faculty in the School of Ministry and Christian Thought has advanced degrees in biblical studies and theology from world-renowned universities, and they continue to be active in research and publication. At the same time, they demonstrate care for their students and use their knowledge and skills to combine a love for the Christian faith with a critical thinking on how to express that faith today.

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Tuition Scholarships Available

To assist ministry majors and limit their student debt burden, Oklahoma Wesleyan University provides a 75% tuition scholarship for all ministry majors. This allows graduates the opportunity to follow God’s calling on their lives without worrying about troublesome financial burdens.

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Diverse Offering of Concentrations

Students in this program have the opportunity to minor (18 credit hours) or get an emphasis (12 hours) in fields of study like apologetics, global studies, pastoral counseling, worship production, and more.

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Career Path

Some of the job titles in this career pathway include:

  • Program Director – median salary of $80,000
  • Professor of Theology, university-level – median salary of $70,000 (with Master’s) or $100,000 (with PhD)
  • Theologian – median salary $70,000
  • Christian school teacher – median salary $52,000 as of February 2023
  • Christian education pastor focusing on discipleship and formation – median salary $50,000

Earn Your Biblical Studies & Christian Thought Degree

“Our Biblical and Theological studies degree equips students with a robust foundation necessary to teach in the local church, Christian educational settings, para-church organizations, and pursue graduate studies. Our program helps students cultivate the ability to study the Bible holistically and theologically, developing the skills to apply biblical and theological insights to contemporary settings to the glory of God and in the service of Christ’s Church.”

– Dr. Jonathan Ensor

Engage in Biblical thinking
75% off tuition for Wesleyan ministry majors
Taught by publishing theologians
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Featured Core Classes

Biblical Hermeneutics

In this class, you will learn to distinguish between a variety of Biblical literary genres and learn how to effectively exegete a Biblical text. This is the art and science of Biblical interpretation, with emphasis placed on hermeneutics in the task of preaching.

Doctrine of Holiness

Discover the concept of holiness in the Bible and the teaching of holiness through the history of the Church. Learn the practical application of holiness as related to Christian living.

Church and Culture

Examine a Christian’s response to some of the pressing issues of the contemporary culture, including sexuality, technology, gender and racial equity, and other topics that are at the forefront of the cultural discussion of today.

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