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OKWU’s Bachelor of Science in Biology is designed to aid pre-professional majors in admittance to medical school, physician’s assistant programs, veterinary school, dental school, biology graduate programs, and physical therapy school. Our curriculum is taught by professors with decades of experience and integrated with practical research opportunities.

The program has a strong track record of producing graduates who have moved on to pursue careers in healthcare, research, and other fields of employment. With a small faculty to student ratio, students in the program receive individualized mentorship, and all courses are integrated with Scripture and Biblical truths at their core.

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Growing Field

With millions of jobs available, graduates of the biology program will have a variety of opportunities available to them following the completion of their degree program. The industry is expected to continue to grow in the years to come, making it a safe and sensible degree option for students to consider.

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Cutting Edge Curriculum

OKWU’s rigorous curriculum has been designed to meet the requirements of most medical schools and postgraduate programs. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their chosen fields. The curriculum is updated frequently, ensuring that students will be ready for the challenges of today, and students will have hands-on experience with a variety of labs offered throughout the program.

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Internship Opportunities

Students in the program are encouraged to pursue internships with hospitals and other facilities during their summer breaks. This helps students build stronger resumes while they earn valuable on-the-job experience in their chosen fields and provides them a competitive advantage as they prepare to graduate and pursue employment.

Studying Biology at OKWU can open doors for many career paths

Succeed in Vital Fields

Some of the job titles in this career pathway include:

  • Biological Technicians – median salary of $48,140
  • Dentists – median salary of $163,220
  • Physicians and surgeons – median salary $208,000
  • Veterinarian – median salary $100,370
  • Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist – median salary $64,650

Exploring Biology: A Dynamic Career

“One of the most exciting joys of being a biology instructor here at OKWU is when I have seen students seamlessly incorporate Scripture into biological concepts through journaling, and when students have testified about growing as believers by learning about God’s creation. Also, the distinctiveness of the biology degree is the many career pathways it opens up for our students.”

– Anna Mangimela

Taught from a Christian Worldview
Foundation for diverse healthcare and research careers
Study the building blocks of all living organisms

Stewards of Creation

The field of biology is essential for advancing scientific knowledge, promoting human health, protecting the environment, ensuring food security, understanding our origins, and driving technological innovation. It plays a pivotal role in addressing current and future challenges facing humanity and the planet. Students in OKWU’s program are trained to be ambassadors for Christ in the scientific community, combining their technical skills with ethical principles and professional conduct.

Taught by Industry Experts

The program’s primary instructor is a medical doctor and is ECFMG certified. Prior to working at OKWU, the instructor worked as general practitioner in Zambia. Clinical knowledge is incorporated into the courses to help students understand the basic sciences.

Explore life's mysteries through scientific research
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Featured Core Classes

General Biology

This course allows students to conduct an intensive survey of biological systems. The course is designed to enhance problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while exploring cellular biology, DNA and protein structure, metabolism, photosynthesis, mitosis, genetics, molecular biology, and evolution.

General Microbiology

Students explore microorganisms, primarily bacteria and viruses. Students also study microbial metabolism and genetics, immunology, and conduct a survey of several infectious diseases. In the lab, students enhance their understanding of microorganisms through hands-on assignments.

Principles of Genetics

This course covers the molecular basis of our current understanding of inheritance and discusses current social and ethical issues of importance. Students examine the historical aspects of genetics, how traits are transmitted, gene characteristics and functioning, characteristics of genomes, gene rearrangements, and gene regulation.

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