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Business Communication

Expand your opportunities.

The key to any business venture is communication. Every business, large or small, operates most efficiently when communication is superior. Whether you aim to own your own business or enter the field of corporate America, a degree in OKWU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Communication swings the door wide open to opportunity. The versatile degree plan allows students to tailor their business interests beyond the focus of communication strategies to ensure entry in the business world with marketable skills. In the Business Communication program, students can develop and polish their communication skills through creative and practical means while participating in robust business courses – preparing them for wherever their path leads.


This flexible degree plan encourages students to follow their dreams and to pursue their passions. Quantitative course requirements are minimal but are available for those who desire. The varied course offerings allow students to tailor their degree plans to meet their interests in business. Possible careers pertaining to leadership, management, marketing, sales, media consultants, public relations, and communication directors are all within reach. With excellent communication skills, Business Communication graduates are prepared to enter the marketplace to influence culture with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

Taught by the Best. At Oklahoma Wesleyan, our students study under seasoned business professionals with proven expertise in their field, who are committed to integrating real-world experience with classroom curriculum. In addition, Eagles participate in internships with the most vibrant companies in our area, graduating with proven experience and connections in the field.

Your Courses May Include:

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Interpersonal Communication
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Conflict Management
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Emotional Intelligence
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Organizational Behavior
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Introduction to Graphic Design
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Digital Media Marketing

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