Students in the Science Lab at Oklahoma Wesleyan University


Passionate instruction. Practical integration.

OKWU’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is designed for students looking to make an impact in the world of chemistry after graduation, whether in government or in private industry. The program also provides extensive preparation for any student looking to go on to graduate studies in chemistry or any related fields – medical research, pharmacology, and materials science. Because of the related mathematics background to chemistry, students in this program often minor in Mathematics.


Our students study under experienced professionals in the fields of science and mathematics who are committed to integrating real-world experience with classroom curriculum. The Chemistry program offers students the chance to gain practical scientific knowledge in the community – including our Caney Water Quality Project, a point of connection between OKWU and the surrounding scientific community.

Graduates of the Chemistry program have career opportunities in industrial and research chemistry, education, pharmacology, medicine, law, engineering, and forensic science. Recent grads are working as Research and Development scientists and as technicians. Others are pursuing doctoral degrees in chemistry and medicine. Whatever your goals are, we’ll work with you to achieve them.

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