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Christian Leadership and Apologetics

Lead with confidence in what you believe.

In a world of questions, doubts, and clashing claims about what’s true and right, we need leaders who can give good reasons for the truth of Christianity. Leadership and Apologetics graduates will be equipped to lead local church ministries and parachurch ministries. A degree in Leadership and Apologetics is also a launchpad for graduate work in philosophy, theology, apologetics, business, or ministry.

At Oklahoma Wesleyan, you will have the opportunity to learn from leaders at the intersections of Christianity and culture, business and ministry, the Church and the world. You’ll put what you learn into practice – with Christian service early in your program and an internship at the end. You’ll graduate prepared to lead with the Truth in a world of uncertainty.

Your Courses May Include:

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Biblical Hermeneutics
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Critiques of Christianity
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Multi-Cultural Apologetics
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Comparative Religions

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