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Exciting careers in modern culture.

OKWU’s Bachelor of Arts in Digital Cinema equips students to compete and thrive in the modern, media-saturated world. Students develop expertise in the areas of film production, shooting, and editing while participating with other students in production labs, internship experiences, and in a culminating senior capstone project.

Our graduates emerge from the program equipped with the skills necessary to engage a marketplace where visual media plays a central role in nearly all communication.

Career opportunities for this degree plan include film and video production, film editing, screenwriting, project management, public relations, and more.


At OKWU, our curriculum is not only focused on giving students a technical mastery of their craft, but of integrating a strong Christian faith into the teaching. Our students are encouraged to think critically about our world, our faith, and of the stories they are telling. Graduates of this program approach their career with the attitude of Christ, effectively taking their faith into culture through filmmaking.

Our Communications program has won multiple awards across disciplines, and our graduates have gone on to work as news anchors, media creators, and Olympic broadcasters, as well as having opportunities in the fields of ministry and with feature films.

Your Courses May Include:

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Identity Strategy and Design
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Script Writing
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Faith and Film
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Digital Film Production
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Advanced Video Production
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Film History

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