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Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Graduates of OKWU’s exercise science program are uniquely qualified to lead as coaches, teachers, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. The program is committed to faith-based teaching that produces graduates who are focused on the importance of building a legacy based on significance, not just personal success.

There are three areas of concentration to choose from within the program. Students who graduate from this program go on to pursue careers in Strength and Conditioning, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Personal and Athletic Training, Sport and Fitness Management, Coaching, Health Services, Chiropractic Services, and Community Programming.

There are three concentration area to choose from:

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Prepares students seeking to become therapists. Students in this concentration go on to pursue their doctorate in physical therapy, their master’s in occupational therapy, their graduate degree in sports medicine, or their master’s in speech pathology.

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Fitness Specialist

Focuses on working with athletes to increase athletic performance and reduce injuries as well as to help individuals of all ages and abilities to be active and lead a healthy life.

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Sports and Recreation Leadership

Prepares students for careers and advanced study in the field of sports and recreation. This program educates students in a selection of exercise science, sports, and sports leadership courses. 

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Career Path

Some of the job titles in this career pathway include:

  • Physical Therapist – median salary of $95,6620
  • Occupational Therapist – median salary of $85,570
  • Speech-Language Pathologist – median salary of $79,060
  • Chiropractor – median salary of $75,000
  • Athletic Trainer – median salary of $48,420
  • Fitness Trainer/Instructor – median salary of $40,700

Earn Your Exercise Science Degree

“The Exercise Science program at OKWU provides students with an opportunity to pursue their love of sports and fitness in an environment centered around biblical truths and impacting our world for Christ. God’s word reminds us that our bodies are His temple. When we look at our own health and those we have the privilege of serving through this perspective, we are reminded of the opportunity we have to worship God through health and wellness.”

– Greg Tackett

Taught from a Christian Worldview
Choose from multiple concentrations
Growing field with many jobs

Why Exercise Science Matters

Research suggests that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs available in fitness training, physical therapy, and fitness management industries. These jobs are high-paying jobs with flexible schedules to help graduates find the right work-life balance.

OKWU’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science prepares students for numerous career paths, from physical therapy to athletic training. We instruct our students about the science of the human body – how it moves and how to help individuals achieve peak performance. The Exercise Science program examines the broader aspects of health and wellness—including as a lifestyle and tool for managing stress and diet and their link with physical activity. Through a comprehensive curriculum and engaging experiences, we graduate qualified professionals ready to step up to the challenge and advance the health and wellness field.

Taught by Industry Experts

Greg Tackett, OKWU’s Dean of Health and Science, has years of experience in the field, including a Master’s of Science in College Teaching in Health and Physical Education. Under his leadership, the curriculum is refreshed regularly to give students the best instruction possible.

Danny Shedd serves as the Director and Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, bringing his own knowledge and experience. Shedd has a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science and Wellness: Fitness and Performance.

Help others achieve peak performance
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Featured Core Classes

Exercise Physiology

This course covers the study of physical exercise and the body’s acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise.


Students gain a working knowledge of musculoskeletal structures of the human anatomy. Students also learn how to identify involvement of these structures in various sport movements and how to analyze a selected sport movement.

Motor Learning

This course is a study of the major principles underlying the acquisition of motor skill and how control of skilled movements are gained, maintained, and adapted with emphasis on applying psychomotor principles to learning, coaching, teaching, and rehabilitation.

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