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Graphic Design and Strategy

Creative minds in an ever-changing market.

OKWU’s Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Strategy program seeks to prepare students to enter the career field as leaders in the fast-growing and ever-changing creative disciplines. Students learn mastery of industry-standard design tools, as well as effective strategies of implementation in the fields of business, ministry, and the nonprofit sector.

Students who specialize in this area are prepared to become industry leaders in both large and small organizations by directing and implementing marketing design and strategy. Our graduates have opportunities in art direction, social media management, creative agencies, and advertising direction – all fields that are projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to have high growth in the coming years.


At OKWU, our curriculum is not only focused on giving students a technical mastery of their craft, but of integrating a strong Christian faith into the teaching. Our students are encouraged to think critically about the world we live in, and the glorious, divine design that is inherent in the world around us. Graduates of this program approach their career with the attitude of Christ, effectively taking their faith into the culture through media design.

Our Communications program has won multiple awards across disciplines, and our graduates have gone to work as news anchors, media creators, and Olympic broadcasters, as well as having work in the fields of ministry and with feature films.

Your Courses May Include:

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Digital Media Marketing
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Introduction to Graphic Design
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Art Appreciation and History
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Production Lab

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