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Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Business

A business degree with the most flexibility! An interdisciplinary business degree can provide students with a versatile skill set that can be applied across a range of industries and job roles. There are multiple electives in this program to allow for students to customize their business degree and/or accommodate incoming transfer credits.

Overall, an Interdisciplinary Business degree can provide graduates with a well-rounded education that prepares them for a range of business careers and helps them become effective leaders and problem solvers. An Interdisciplinary Business degree provides a broad knowledge base that can cover multiple disciplines such as business, economics, management, marketing, communication, and more. But, if you do not enjoy math – then this degree is for you! This broad knowledge base can help graduates develop a holistic understanding of the business world and the factors that drive it. The student can take two tracks: Management/Leadership or Marketing. Math courses and Accounting are encouraged but not required.

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Two Tracks to Your Degree

Students have the option to choose between the Management/Leadership track or the Marketing track in the Interdisciplinary Business program. This makes the Interdisciplinary Business degree one of the most flexible degrees offered at OKWU!

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Gain real-world experience, essential networking, and explore your career interests while improving your resume and building confidence through an internship. OKWU’s Chesapeake Energy School of Business has partnerships with several companies for internship opportunities for students.

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Gain Transferrable Skills

No matter where your career path takes you, the skills you learn in this program will prove useful! Learn to problem-solve, identify opportunities for growth, improve efficiency, resolve conflicts, and manage risks over the course of your classwork. These skills will prepare you for a variety of positions in your post-graduation career!

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Career Path

Some of the job titles in this career pathway include:

  • Management analysts/consultants: median salary of $69,924
  • Human resources managers: median salary $97,977
  • Marketing manager: median salary of $85,220
  • Operations manager: median salary of $105,480

Earn Your Interdisciplinary Business Degree

“The Interdisciplinary Business degree is the ideal program for those who want a solid business degree but without the harder math and accounting courses. Choosing your specific areas of interest or bringing in electives from other schools allows a current or transfer student to enjoy the flexibility that this degree holds. An all-around, general business education is perfect for those undecided students as they can pursue their passion and interests yet still be proud of a business degree on their diploma.”

– Dr. Wendel Weaver

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Internships with OKWU partners
Develop versatile skills

Why Interdisciplinary Business Matters

An interdisciplinary business degree can equip graduates with a diverse set of skills and knowledge that can help them solve a range of business problems. It is a fantastic degree for those who are interested in business but do not want to pursue many quantitative courses like upper math, accounting, and corporate finance (although those courses are encouraged). It is ideal for the transfer student who is bringing in many elective credits already.

Taught by Industry Experts

The School of Business faculty consists of exceptional individuals committed to helping students succeed. All the faculty in the School of Business have worked professionally prior to teaching.

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Featured Core Classes

Negotiation Strategy

This course is designed to strengthen the student’s skills in multiple types of negotiation situations. Students learn the dynamics of negotiation and how to plan strategy, conduct initial research, modify negotiation behavior, and leverage unbalanced power situations.

Advertising & Public Relations

This course challenges the graduate learners to examine the various philosophies and methods of advertising and public relations. Advertising design techniques and the use of the internet and other technologies will also be explored. Public relations will be studied in relationship to building and improving an organization’s brand through favorable publicity.

Professional Selling

This course will also review and study prospecting, sales pre-planning, writing sales proposals, preventing and handling objections, sales presentations, sales closing, and post sales servicing. Special attention will be given to the key elements of the communication process.

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