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Liberal Studies, Specialized

Your unique pathway to graduation.

OKWU’s Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies is designed to give students an opportunity to customize a degree program to fit their unique needs. Choose classes to suit your interests and plan a truly unique path to graduation.

Students in this program choose two core areas of study – or can even self-design a path of study under the supervision of a university dean, as listed below:


Biblical and Theological Studies




Business Communication


Christian Leadership & Apologetics

Criminal Justice

Digital Cinema

Digital Media Marketing



Exercise Science

Financial Services

General Science

Global Studies

Graphic Design & Strategy

Human Resources

History/Political Science

Management/ Leadership Systems



Music Business

Pastoral and Worship Arts

Pastoral and Youth Ministry

Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral, Biblical & Theological Studies



Sports Marketing

Sports/Recreational Leadership

Writing and Editing


Our curriculum is not only focused on giving students a technical mastery of their craft, but of integrating a strong Christian faith into the teaching. Our students are encouraged to think critically about our world, our faith, and of the worldview, literature, and artistic works they are studying. Graduates of this program approach their career with the attitude of Christ, effectively taking their faith into the culture through the cultivation of the humanities.

Meet the faculty.

Kelly Chisum

Kelly Chisum

Instructor of Design
Dalene Fisher

Dalene Fisher

Dean, Assistant Provost, Assistant Professor of English
Eric Gray

Eric Gray

Associate Professor of English
Beverly Hartter

Beverly Hartter

Professor of Mathematics
Evan Hewitt

Evan Hewitt

Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
Julie Hufstetler

Julie Hufstetler

Assistant Professor of History and Political Science
Stacy Pierce

Stacy Pierce

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
David Preston

David Preston

Executive Director of Development, Professor of Social Studies
Doug Quick

Doug Quick

Professor of Biology
Lisa Riggs

Lisa Riggs

Associate Professor of English and Literature

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