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More than numbers.

OKWU’s B.S. in Mathematics is designed to prepare students for employment as mathematicians in government, industry, or education – or for career fields as varied as finance and cryptography. The program also provides preparation for students who go on to pursue graduate studies in mathematics or related fields like statistics, engineering, or forensics. Students who adopt this major often take one or more minors from other areas, such as the sciences or business.


Our students study under experienced professionals in the fields of science and mathematics who are committed to integrating real-world experience with classroom curriculum. The Mathematics program offers students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge through undergraduate research, internships, and junior and senior mathematics seminars – all offered in a close-knit, family atmosphere of home-cooking, collaboration, and celebration.

Graduates of OKWU’s Mathematics program have career opportunities in actuarial science, architecture, biostatistics, data science, higher education, engineering, and forensic analysis.

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