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Empowering Minds: Bachelor in Science in Mathematics

Mathematics is a fundamental discipline that provides tools and concepts for solving problems in many fields, including science, engineering, finance, and computer science. As a result, graduates of mathematics programs have many career opportunities in areas such as data science, finance, cryptography, engineering, and academia.

OKWU’s mathematics program engages students in a wide range of topics such as calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and probability theory. Students also learn a background in physics and chemistry. The program aims to give students a strong foundation in mathematical theory and problem-solving skills that can be applied to a variety of fields.

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Experienced Faculty

OKWU’s math faculty bring years of experience to the classroom, helping students learn and engage with the concepts of mathematics, even if they come in uncertain of their own mathematical abilities. Our faculty has a passion for helping each student achieve success.

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Career-Focused Coursework

Every student in the program is given the opportunity to research careers in which they would utilize a mathematics degree. Our coursework is designed to help students explore either content-specific ideas or to branch out on their own and explore something they haven’t learned yet.

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Growing Demand

The growing demand for data analysis, increasing complexity of data, advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the growing importance of data privacy and security are contributing to a high demand for mathematics and statisticians. Graduates with a mathematics background are also informing business, healthcare, and policy decisions in a variety of fields.

Want a cutting-edge career in tech, but unsure what to major in?

Math in Action: Career Paths

Students who graduate with a mathematics degree can go on to a variety of career pathways, some of which include:

  • Actuary – median salary of $105,900
  • Data scientist – median salary of $100,910
  • Operations research analyst – median salary of $82,360
  • Financial analyst – median salary of $95,570
  • Post-secondary teacher – median salary of $79,640

Beyond the Numbers

“Truth be told, I did not like math when I first started college. I am successful because of professors who challenged and pushed me to think and reason in new ways.”

– Stacy Pierce, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Taught from a Christian Worldview
Foundation for science, engineering, and tech fields
Gain skills for engineering and research

In-Demand Skills

Advancements in technology have created a growing demand for data analysts and statisticians. As Christians, we are called to recognize that God is the Creator of all things, including mathematics. He designed us to discern patterns and use those patterns to learn about his creation. We have a unique opportunity to learn about God’s character through the lens of mathematics while also serving those around us in our chosen professions.

Taught by Industry Experts

OKWU’s math faculty bring over 50 years of teaching experience to the table and are dedicated to making sure every student finds success in the classroom.

Classes include calculus, discrete mathematics, and abstract algebra
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Featured Core Classes

Calculus & Analytical Geometry 1

Calc 1 is one of your foundational “math major” courses. We begin with an algebra review and quickly move into properties of curves and limits, which help us develop the concept of derivatives. From there we study integrals, applications of the differential calculus, and areas between curves. These concepts will carry throughout many of the other courses in the program.

Modern geometry

Think all the angles of a triangle have a sum of 180 degrees? Maybe… or maybe not. Instead of working on “flat” (aka Euclidian) surfaces for our geometric properties, we start working on different types of surfaces like spheres, hyperbolic surfaces (think a horse saddle), and elliptical geometries.

Discrete Mathematics

Not your typical “math” course. It serves as an introductory course which includes logic, sets and sequences, elementary combinatorics, counting methods, induction and recursion, relations, Boolean algebra, functions, lattices, partially ordered sets, and graph theory.

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