Harmonizing Faith and Science in Psychology




Bachelor of Science in Psychology

OKWU’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is designed to prepare students to begin work in the field of psychology in an entry-level position, or to prepare them to further their education in a highly competitive field of graduate study.

Students who are interested in the study of personality, social interaction, motivation, mental health, and abnormality will enjoy the program’s advanced and interesting curriculum taught by experienced professionals.

Upon graduation, students in the program will demonstrate understanding of human development, psychological theory, and integration of the Christian faith with the behavioral sciences. They will also learn skills through direct practice of psychological techniques, both through their classroom training and participation in psychology and social service programs.

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Psychology through a Christian Worldview

Our program has a unique approach to psychology based on our understanding of the Bible, with a strong focus on transformation. Transformation psychology starts with the personal formation of the psychologist through the written word of God and a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate.

Therapists who graduate from our program see themselves – and all people – as needing a personal relationship with the Lord in order to see people as God sees them. All people are created in the image of God, but all have sinned and need a personal relationship with Jesus – the only way to be truly transformed by God.

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Students in the program will have the option of in-person, traditional courses, as well as online courses and hybrid options combining the two. This allows students the flexibility they need to earn their credits and balance their busy schedules. All courses are taught by faculty with years of experience in the field and the curriculum is constantly updated to stay up-to-date with modern practices and understanding. 

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Career Path

Some of the job titles in this career pathway include:

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist – median salary of $139,280
  • Clinical & Professional Counseling – median salary of $90,130
  • School psychologists – median salary of $81,500
  • Psychologists – median salary of $106,420

Earn Your Psychology Degree

“Whether planning on pursuing a graduate degree or entering the workforce, the psychology program at OKWU equips students to pursue a variety of careers in both Christian and secular organizations. The professors are passionate about integrating their expertise into the classroom experience. Students are welcomed into a supportive environment that fosters growth, while smaller class sizes allow profesors to build relationships and invest in their students personally, spiritually, and academically.”

– Sam Johnson, Instructor of Psychology 

Taught from a Christian Worldview
Understand human development and mental health
Take practicums for real world experience
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Featured Core Classes

Abnormal Psychology

This course is a study of behavior pathology with special reference to forms, etiology, dynamics, and treatment. Students will learn to explain abnormal behavior from various historical and integrative perspectives as they learn how to classify and discuss maladaptive and abnormal behaviors in accordance with the diagnostic criteria of the DSM-5.

Techniques of Counseling

A course designed to equip the beginning counselor with the micro-skills needed to be an effective helper. The integration of theoretical concepts, faith, and technical aspects of counseling are emphasized.

Psychology of Motivation

A study of motivational dynamics and their applications to personal, cultural, and vocational experience. Students will learn how to understand the different theoretical perspectives within the field of motivation and explore how motivational theories may play into their personal relationship with God.

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