Secondary Social Studies Education

Equipping educators for engaging and dynamic social studies classrooms nationwide




Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education

Graduates of the Secondary Social Studies Education program are prepared to successfully teach in a variety of middle and high school social studies classrooms across the country. Students in the program gain a mastery of world politics, historical timelines, geography, economics, global political growth and decline, and more as they are prepared to enter today’s classrooms and teach young minds.

Students in the program develop a comprehensive understanding of history and civics, and the education courses allow them to demonstrate expertise in creating lessons plans and assessments while gaining valuable in-person experience through practicums and student teaching. Graduates of this program are prepared to live out their calling as teachers, administrators, coaches, and leaders in education all over the world.

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Earn Classroom Experience

OKWU has a thriving relationship with local schools, teachers, and administrators. Internship opportunities are designed to give students in the program vital experience that lines up with OKWU’s program requirements. Students in the program will spend time in real classrooms, teaching and designing their own lessons under the supervision of experienced teachers and their professors. OKWU’s program far exceeds the state and national average of on-site experience hours.

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Faculty with Firsthand Experience

Professors in OKWU’s program have years of public and private classroom experience and have earned advanced degrees in the field of education. Professor Dorothy Colaw has more than 18 years of experience in middle and high schools, and has an MA in Educational Leadership. Dr. Julie Hufstetler partners with Colaw to ensure that students are given a well-rounded experience that prepares them for a career in teaching. Curriculum is revised annually to ensure students are getting the best instruction possible.

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Develop Real Skills

Students in the program learn classroom organization, how to develop meaningful student/teacher relationships, time management, professional collaboration, content mastery, testing and assessments, and how to implement modern day classroom tools and technology. This helps graduates find jobs after graduation.

Inspired to Teach

Earn up to $25,500 in scholarships and incentives for becoming an Oklahoma public school teacher.

Qualified Oklahoma students can earn scholarships and incentives of up to $25,500 for completing an approved teacher education degree and teaching in an Oklahoma public school.

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Featured Core Classes

Called to Teach 

This course prepares students for the view from the other side of the desk: as a teacher. While this is the introductory education course, the teacher candidate will spend 10 hours in a P-12 classroom observing and assisting great teachers. Teacher candidates will understand what it means to be called to teach as they begin their journey of becoming a teacher.

Learner Development

Teacher candidates explore human growth and development from conception through adolescence, focusing on developmental theories, milestones, and assets. They also study cultural influences on development and the four domains of development: spiritual/moral, cognitive (language, mental), biosocial (physical), and psychosocial (social, emotional).

The Western Civilization 

A survey of culture, thought, religion, and government in western civilization and those antecedent civilizations that influenced the emergence of the west. Chronologically and geographically, this course addresses civilizations from the Ancient New East up through modern Europe.

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