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Social Studies Education

Preparing future social studies educators.

OKWU’s B.S. in Social Studies Education prepares students for certification in teaching social studies in grades 6-12. Our Social Studies courses allow students to develop a comprehensive understanding of history and civics, while education courses allow them to demonstrate expertise in the creation of lessons, assessments, and interactions with middle school and high school students.

Graduates of OKWU’s B.S. in Social Studies Education are teachers, administrators, coaches, and leaders in education all over the world, fulfilling the calling of God on their lives. Many are in classrooms; others are in leadership positions, seeking to help others grow and change. All are encouraging those around them to take the necessary steps to grow in their faith and in their worlds.

Our Integration of faith with learning allows our students to:

  • Evaluate historical events through the lens of a biblical worldview.
  • Understand the importance of holiness and government.
  • Develop teaching skills and expertise in a Christian environment.
  • Learn to see each person as someone created in the image of God.
  • Prepare for a teaching career in a public, private, or online setting.

Participate in leadership opportunities within the curriculum:

  • Educators Seeking Excellence (ESE) – A student leadership council for OKWU Education majors.
  • Field Experiences – Ten hours per semester of service-learning at accredited P-12 schools for three semesters.
  • Clinical Practice: Practicums – 30 hours per practicum of teaching/observation at an accredited P-12 district. Five practicums in specific learning areas.
  • Clinical Practice: Student Teaching – A minimum of 15 weeks in an accredited P-12 district site.


At its core, OKWU adheres to the values of The Wesleyan Church, including Scripture, Reason, Tradition, and Experience. We believe in groundbreaking theology focused on the transformation of broken people, and this focus on reaching people where they are is vital to our curriculum.

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