OKWU Men’s Basketball Focuses on Setting the Bahamas on Fire for God

This summer, OKWU men’s basketball is taking Freedom Fire to the Nations. The Eagles are hosting a mission trip to the nation of the Bahamas which was battered by a hurricane followed by Covid shutting down tourism their chief source of income.

Coach Bostwick said he had a dream where God told him to focus on a tribe and a nation. With mental health and suicide at an all-time the Cherokee Nation soon joined Freedom Fire in 2021. It was at that time that a former player, whose father was a pastor in he Bahamas, called Coach Bostwick and told him that he been given a dream that showed Bostwick hosting a special Fire event in the Bahamas.

That was all the confirmation Coach Bostwick needed to start the ball rolling in the direction of Freedom Fire Bahamas 22’. The Mission Trip is July 30-Aug 6. Your donation will help the Eagles serve the needy and share the gospel. 

We are asking you to please consider helping support YOUR EAGLES on this mission for the KINGDOM!

Please note that donations cannot be designated for a specific player.

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