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Welcome to BeyondU, a podcast from Oklahoma Wesleyan University exploring faith, culture, and higher education.

As a University, we’re dedicated to developing students to Be One Sent into the world. It’s more than just degrees. It’s about embracing a life-long practice of being continually transformed in the ways we think and live. We’re all about equipping spiritual discerners, servant leaders, and compassionate individuals who thrive in every aspect of life, wherever God leads.

We think there’s a crucial conversation to have about the purpose of higher education, the role of faith in our everyday lives, and the ways that these two are often in conflict in our society.

What does it mean to become a faithful scholar or a servant leader? What does it mean to live “on mission” in the workplace? How do we find solutions to cultural issues with wisdom, truth, and grace?

Join us for candid conversations with a range of people in the OKWU community who are exploring these questions with us, from students to professors to alumni, to professionals making a faithful impact in the world.

Season 2 is happening now! Catch up on old episodes or join us on Wednesdays for brand-new episodes this spring.

Faith, Culture & Higher Ed

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