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Welcome to BeyondU, a podcast exploring faith, culture, and higher education.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is committed to developing students to Be One Sent into the world. Beyond earning degrees, it’s about fostering continuous transformation in thought and action. We equip spiritual discerners, servant leaders, and compassionate individuals to excel in all areas of life, wherever God leads.

We think there’s a crucial conversation to have about the purpose of higher education, the role of faith in our everyday lives, and the ways that these two are often in conflict in our society.

What does it mean to become a faithful scholar or a servant leader? What does it mean to live “on mission” in the workplace? How do we find solutions to cultural issues with wisdom, truth, and grace?

Join us on BeyondU for candid conversations with experts and leaders as we explore these questions.

Opinions expressed are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of OKWU, nor are they official university statements. Mention of products or services does not imply university endorsement.
John Maxwell and Jim Dunn recording an episode of BeyondU


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