CBS MoneyWatch ranks OKWU’s professors as best in the nation for the third year in a row.

Yes, you read correctly, Oklahoma Wesleyan University professors were ranked number one in the entire nation – ahead of the faculty of any and all other colleges and universities.Classroom

“Many people assume that what are considered the country’s most elite colleges and universities must naturally employ the best teachers. The latest list of institutions with the best professors, which was compiled by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, demonstrates that this just isn’t so.” writes Lynn O’Shaughnessy of CBS Moneywatch.

The Center generated its list by looking at the composite teaching scores that schools received via RateMyProfessors. The website has captured more than 15 million student ratings of college professors from schools across the country.  

This is part of the analysis used by Forbes for their annual college ratings list.

Robert Herron, Provost at OKWU, notes that research, facilities, and funding, all generally regarded as evidence of a quality university, are not the whole story when it comes to a student’s educational experience.

“Students know when faculty buy into the mission of the university and invest into the students’ personal lives. Oklahoma Wesleyan University faculty, just like our students, choose to be here because of our mission, and they take a personal interest in the students. We are blessed to have a nearly unique culture of servant leadership that permeates the classroom, the quad, and the hallway, and the students know it,” states Herron.

President of OKWU, Dr. Everett Piper, said this of the news, “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a college that unapologetically promotes the best ideas – those ideas that are tested by time, defended by reason and confirmed by scripture, also has the best professors. The two go hand in hand, they are inseparable, and our students obviously know it.”

The OKWU administration, staff, and students congratulate the entire Oklahoma Wesleyan faculty for being recognized for all of their incredible work. 

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