Sandra LynnInstructor of Business

Chesapeake Energy School of Business
Bachelor of Arts, Human Relations, The Pennsylvania State University
Master of Strategic Leadership, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Mission & Passion

My goal for the classroom is to provide a caring, warm environment where students are encouraged to think deeply, analyze closely, speak respectfully, and process the course material thoroughly through the lens of a Christian worldview. Loving others as ourselves is the second greatest commandment according to Matthew, chapter 22, so my educational emphasis is our interactions with others through social and emotional intelligence, along with developing critical communication skills. In addition to academics, the college experience includes learning about oneself while honing the skills of interpersonal relationships.

Inspiring Verse/Quotation

1 John 4:19 “We love because he first loved us”

A poem “Four Things” by Henry van Dyke:

Four things a man must learn to do
If he would make his record true:
To think without confusion clearly;
To love his fellow man sincerely;
To act from honest motives purely;
To trust in God and Heaven securely.


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communications
  • Management and Leadership