Homecoming Survey

Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important
Being together on campus
Homecoming Chapel focusing on alumni
Homecoming Banquet
Class reunions for milestone years
Scheduled time to catch up with friends
Planned activities (fun run, outdoor movie night, lawn games, etc.)
Planned visit to an area attraction
Prayer walk on campus
OKWU athletic team games
Athletic games of alumni vs. OKWU teams
Concert featuring the current chorale
An alumni choir
Hymn sing-a-long
Purchasing tickets to attend a Christian concert or comedian’s performance
Showcase of student performances or projects
Presentation related to OKWU programs or updates
Homecoming Coronation
Campus tours
Live stream of featured events
Milestone class reunions held virtually
Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot ImportantNot Applicable
Friendships formed during college
Your major
Your extracurricular activities
Being on an athletic team
Opportunities for spiritual growth (Chapel, class discussions, Bible studies, etc.)
The college/university as a whole
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