The Keating Center was established in 2012 at Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU), not only to honor Governor Frank Keating and his wife, Cathy, for their exemplary service to the State of Oklahoma and our nation, but also to encourage and promote the ideals that are so important to Governor and Mrs. Keating: capitalism, free enterprise, and constitutional liberty.

Embedded within these broader ideals are other principles and truths––ethical and moral leadership based on the Judeo-Christian worldview, Constitutional federalism, limited government, free-market economics, the rule of law, and the importance of private property rights––that will be integral to fulfilling the mission of the Keating Center.

A Note from Gov. Frank Keating

Keating Center | Bartlesville, OK

The Center is headquartered on OKWU’s Bartlesville Campus, in the academic building home to the Chesapeake Energy School of Business. The School of Business is named in honor of Chesapeake Energy’s donations to the building as they wanted to honor the work and service of Frank and Kathy Keating. The Center’s programming and is carried out through the Development and University Relations offices in cooperation with appropriate academic disciplines.


Pillars for Freedom

As the communications outreach of OKWU’s Keating Center, Pillars for Freedom‘s core principles align with the Four Pillars of OKWU’s Mission – Christ, Scripture, Truth, and Wisdom – by representing four freedoms that are essential to our Christian university and its ability to continue our core mission. These Freedom Pillars are: Religious Freedom, Academic Freedom, Individual Freedom and Economic Freedom.

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