Bartlesville, OK

dr. bruce ewingPastors unquestionably deal with any number of administrative, management, and leadership challenges on a regular basis. This year’s Oklahoma Wesleyan Dunn Institute brought more than 30 Wesleyan pastors and spouses from across the West for two days of training in these vital skills of traditional ministry.

The 2015 Institute on October 21-22 featured speakers Dr. Bruce Ewing of Dallas Theological Seminary and Ryan Skoog, President and Cofounder of Venture. After an introduction with OKWU leadership on ways OKWU is partnering in ministry with the Wesleyan Church, Dr. Ewing opened with a discussion of character and pastoral leadership.

ryan skoogOver the next day and a half, Ryan Skoog, a business entrepreneur with a background in traditional ministry, talked about the perceived disconnect between business and ministry. He called businesspersons to involve themselves in ministry and pastors to be open to—even involved in—the world of business. Ryan’s talks also included tangible tools to make that possible.

Oklahoma Wesleyan, through the annual Dunn Institute, seeks to equip pastors with cutting edge tools and information to build the local church and lead effective ministries.

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