February 01, 2016 – Bartlesville, OK

Oklahoma Wesleyan is hosting the 3rd Annual Josh McDowell Institute Collision Conference on February 6th. This year’s annual Christian apologetics event includes two days of lectures, panels, and powerful discussions on the question: “Who Does Your Thinking For You?”

From a tender age, we are fed cultural ideals, truths, and yes, even white lies that lead to the development of a moral belief system that ultimately ends up as a worldview. Some of these ideals have no justifiable basis and yet we embrace them anyway. It’s true that thinking is hard work. It can feel much less risky to let others to think for us. But that is not what Believers are called to.

The 2016 Collision Conference will feature three keynote speakers from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, an organization committed to reaching and challenging “those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” (rzim.org). Speakers Alycia Woods, Cameron McAllister, and JMI Scholar, Abdu Murray, will discuss issues of Biblical Justice, Religion, and how to deal with disagreement and confrontation productively.

The Saturday (February 6th) event is open for registration to the public. The conference will also be offered to all OKWU students on Friday, February 5th.

Join us for the next JMI Collision Conference as we welcome these gifted RZIM speakers who will challenge us to think for ourselves as we ask the question: Who Does Your Thinking For You?

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