Oklahoma Wesleyan’s Fall Semester is quickly drawing to a close, and with that comes a few exciting changes. Following approval by the OKWU Board of Trustees, long-time OKWU professor and acting provost, Dr. Mark Weeter, accepted the position of full-time Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Weeter has served in the OKWU School of Ministry and Christian Thought for 32 years, much of that time as the school’s dean.

“Dr. Weeter is literally the face of OKWU,” said President, Dr. Everett Piper. “His loyalty to the truth of Christ and truth of Scripture is unsurpassed. I’m honored to share leadership with him as we work to strengthen this university and its mission for the months and years ahead.”

With his appointment as Provost, Dr. Weeter will step down as the School of Ministry Dean at the end of the Fall 2018 semester.

Stepping into leadership as Dean of the School of Ministry and Christian Thought is OKWU Professor, Dr. Jerome Van Kuiken. “If you’ve sat in his classes, listened to him preach in chapel, read his book or articles, or even carried on a casual conversation, you will agree that we are extremely fortunate to have such a brilliant colleague taking over this position,” Dr. Weeter shared. “We have no doubt the future of the School of Ministry will continue moving upward under his leadership.”

The Chesapeake Energy School of Business (CESB) also announced Dr. Wendel Weaver’s move from interim to full-time CESB Dean. In his 13 years at OKWU, Dr. Weaver has become known for his outstanding teaching and leadership of dozens of educational trips to places like New York, Hong Kong, and Israel. “Anyone associated with the university recognizes Dr. Weaver’s love for his students, his innovative mind, his classroom skills, and his administrative abilities,” said Dr. Weeter. “The School of Business could not be in better hands.”


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