June 3, 2019  – Bartlesville, OK    


The past year has been filled with a lot of excitement for the OKWU School of Arts and Sciences digital cinema program. The department’s short film, Desolate, received multiple nominations, including recognition at the James Bond III Film Festival Christian Edition (2018), the Inspired Faith Film Festival (2019), the International Christian Film and Music Festival (2019), and the CV Indie Film Awards (2019). Dr. Dalene Fisher, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences said, “We are extremely proud of our Communications Department at OKWU. Under the leadership of Evan Hewitt, OKWU students are honing their storytelling skills and preparing to share the gospel by producing effective and meaningful content. This nomination declares what we already know: COMM students are being prepared for marketable, meaningful careers.” 

This film is a prime example of the OKWU mission to acknowledge the primacy of Christ. Evan Hewitt, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, says, “Desolate is inspired by Jesus’ Parable of the Good Samaritan, which can be found in Luke 10:25-37. Our goal was to recreate the story in a current context and make it relatable to modern audiences.” In a culture in which media has such a loud voice, it is important to equip students with the ability to approach and impact this specific sphere of culture in a Christ-like way. 

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