Dr. Brett Andrews, Vice President of GPS

During this time of uncertainty, many are working from home in an effort to keep those around them safe.

And while working from home sounds great on the surface, it can be problematic for employees who struggle to separate home life and work life. The following tips are written to help make the transition to working from home easier to manage successfully.

  • Have a dedicated start time and routine. 

Just as your employer has regular work hours at the office, so should you when you are working at home. Define a schedule that has regular, predictable hours that separate work time from family time.

  • Take a break. 

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you cannot schedule a break into your work routine. Keep these break times similar to what would be allowed at your regular office. You’ll find that these breaks have a remarkable power to refresh your mental stamina.

  • If possible, work in a dedicated space. 

Not everyone has the luxury of having an additional room in the house that can be converted into an at-home office. Whatever space you do have, attempt to separate it physically from the rest of the house. It will be easier for both you and your family members to understand that when you are in that space, you are working.

  • Clarify expectations with your boss. 

What does it mean to be successful when working from home? Having a frank conversation with your supervisor about what is expected of you will help to alleviate miscommunication about your performance.

  • Know when to disconnect.

Just as you should have a dedicated starting time, you should also have a dedicated ending time. Knowing when to shut it down and convert to family is both a healthy and normal practice. You’ll be glad you did.

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