Dr. Brett Andrews, Vice President of GPS

Being a great student inside a campus classroom is one thing; being a great online student is quite another.  As you are likely finding out first hand, navigating the online classroom takes a slightly different skill set. Here are some tips to help you make the transition.


1. Be Present.  The key to success is ultimately to log in, check for messages, respond to discussion posts, and submit your homework.

2. Be Self-Disciplined.  Showing up online one time per week won’t cut it.  It takes a steady, daily routine to make an online class a success. Have a plan to login on a regular basis. Need help? Here’s how to set up a reminder in your iPhone or Android calendar.

3. Be Able to Write Well. The secret sauce of succeeding in an online class is to be able to express yourself well in writing.  Online courses level the playing field by asking students to write papers, projects, and discussion postings with a much greater frequency than a standard lecture/discussion course.  Do you need to improve your writing skills?  You can self-enroll in the ACE Center course in OKWU Brightspace and ask for help at any time.

4. Be Able to Use Technology Well.  Many of us are guilty of thinking we know how to use technology (me included), but it pays dividends to be sure you have taken the training course for your LMS or Microsoft Office elements or teleconferencing platform.  Before you roll your eyes, remember that this is a valuable life skill—learning new things without being forced to do so.  You’ll do it your entire career.

Now is the time to “up your game” as an online student. Being thrust online may not have been what you were expecting, but your reputation as a leader will be defined by how you respond to unexpected challenges. You can do this!

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