Kedrick Nettleton, Staff Writer

OKWU welcomed students back to campus this semester, reaffirming our commitment to the life-changing power of in-person, on-campus education.

As exciting as it is to see each other in person, the success of our fall semester depends on each member of the community doing their part to keep OKWU safe and healthy. 

First, be sure to read our Reopening Plan. Then follow these simple guidelines for a great semester.  


Wear A Mask

1. Wear A Mask


Wash Hands

2. Frequently Wash Hands


Social Distance

3. Social Distance


Stay Home When Sick

4. Stay Home When Sick


For additional information about how best to protect yourself and others, read the CDC guidelines. 

Tips to Communicate #OKWUCares

We encourage all members of the OKWU community to spur one another on towards healthy behaviors and actions. If you see a community member acting in a way not consistent with the university’s reopening plan, remember to respond with grace and empathy. We are all on the same team. To help foster healthy conversations, we’ve provided a few tips for talking to someone about our health policies. 

  • If you see a student or faculty member without a mask, address them in a kind, non-confrontational manner. “I care about your health. I’m not sure if you know, but wearing a mask is required on campus. I can help put you in contact with people who can get one for you.” 
  • If you see a group not taking part in social distancing, consider how you can refocus the conversation. “Let’s continue to protect any among us who may not be comfortable with close proximity yet. Could we relocate to a bigger area to make room for social distancing?” 
  • When greeting or approaching others on campus, remember that people have different comfort levels. As outlined in our reopening plan, please refrain from physical contact. No handshakes, hugs, high fives, fist bumps, or elbow bumps should be given or received by anyone until further notice. “Hello! It’s great to see you, but I’m not comfortable getting close. I’d feel terrible if I caused someone else to get sick.” 

We understand it can be awkward to engage in these conversations, but we appreciate our students’, faculty’s, and staff’s willingness to take precautions for a great semester. Thank you for caring for OKWU! 

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