Jake Feickert, Admissions Counselor

We understand that it can be tough to choose a college. 

It’s a massive investment of time, energy, and money, but it’s so worth it! The years you’ll spend on campus are life-changing. You’ll grow in knowledge, experience, and discernment of your calling. The decisions you’ll make on-campus impact your future, and the friendships you’ll gain last a lifetime. 

At OKWU, we’re committed to developing the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Students have been receiving a transformational education on our campus for decades. So if you’re making your college list, here are some reasons OKWU has to be near the top. 

Students at downtown bakeryOKWU is all about relationships

Whether that be your relationship with Christ, your professors, the deans, or other students, we strive to help you develop ties that go deeper. Our average class size of 10:1 allows you to go beyond the classroom’s surface level and genuinely engage with our community. Students later use those relationships to get jobs through our extensive network of contacts, internship opportunities, and hands-on classroom experience. 


We are serious about being a Christian University. 

It’s not just words for us. We strive to impact each student to change the culture for Christ, and our alumni’s work speaks for itself. Our Eagle grads are all over the world, taking Grace and Truth where it’s needed most. 


OKWU has the best job placement rate in Oklahoma.  

The stats back it up. Why is this important? Because you go to college to train for a career! You should be studying to get a degree you’re passionate about so you can take that passion and impact the world. Our professors have done a great job of placing students in internships that help them get real-world experience, giving them the leg-up they need in a competitive job market.

Plus, no matter where you go to college, you’ll more than likely have some money to pay back—getting a job after college is key to setting yourself up for financial success later on.


image of students worship in Lyon chapelChapel. 

It’s just different here. We love inviting students to chapel so they can experience Christ as they never have before. Coming together to worship as a university community is one of the most meaningful aspects of the OKWU experience.

Our professors genuinely care about you and are involved in more than just your academic life.

You’re not just a number to them. Our faculty care about you as a person, as a child of God, and as a member of the Kingdom. Many professors take extra time to invest outside of the classroom, inviting students into their home and making them feel welcome. It’s one of the reasons our community is so great!


If you’re interested in being a part of a university transformed by the Grace and Truth of Christ, please contact our Admissions team. We’d love to talk with you about the next steps. 

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