Kedrick Nettleton, Staff Writer

OKWU’s primary mission is to help students discover, live, and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ—and that doesn’t stop during the summer.  

Through our student ministry teams, Eagles are making a difference at camps all across the country. Last week alone, at The Wesleyan Church’s Tri-State District Youth Camp, 38 students dedicated their lives to Jesus and were baptized in OKWU’s pond.

But the commitment to a student ministry team is a difficult one. Through the rigors of travel, the high-energy camp environment, and the emotional vulnerability needed to effectively lead students, the summer season can be rigorous and challenging. That’s why we asked three student leaders a simple question: how can we pray for you this summer?

We hope that this will help you to pray boldly, specifically, and passionately for our student ministry teams as they make Jesus Christ known this summer.

Students being baptized in pond

38 students were baptized last week at DETOUR, The Wesleyan Church’s Tri-State District youth camp.

1. Pray for safety. 

“Pray for safe travels while Ignite is on the road! We have a couple more long drives this summer as we travel to Michigan, and then to South Dakota from east Michigan. I pray that God’s angels can be with us and help protect us.” – Mason Hadley, senior 


2. Pray for energy and for refueling. 

Honestly, just pray for God to refuel us everyday: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Physically, going weeks on end with four to five hours of sleep a day takes a toll on a person. Literally the only way we can keep going is if God recharges us. Mentally, some of the things that we have been told by campers, and just having to put our hearts out there every day, takes a lot. And last: spiritually. If we’re not filled up constantly, we’re going to be giving these kids absolutely nothing. Pray that we will stay consistent, along with the campers, in the Word. Thank you for all of the prayers! God is doing some crazy stuff here!” – Kylie Bostwick, sophomore


3. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Presence 

“Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to go with us and continues to be felt by our campers all across the country. I’m asking this because the presence of the Holy Spirit has been incredible thus far. I have no doubt in God, but we continue to request this while we meet new campers in new states. The Holy Spirit can transform someone, and I have been blessed to see it happen often this summer.” – Mason


4. Pray For Small Groups

“I’d really appreciate prayer for my small group that I had this last week. They were not the most outgoing kids, but I could tell they had amazing hearts. They finally broke through the last couple of days. I am so proud of them, and I want them to keep pushing and growing in their faith. – Jace Reid, sophomore


Thank you! When you lift our student ministry teams up in prayer, you are partnering with a powerful, life-changing time of ministry. May the Word of Jesus Christ be made known, and may lives be changed this summer.

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