Graduate and Professional Studies

Have you recently thought about a career change? Maybe it’s time to take your current role to the next level?

Perhaps you’re considering a relocation, but you’re overwhelmed by an extremely competitive job market that’s becoming more difficult to break into when you lack the required skill or formal education.  

At Oklahoma Wesleyan University, we understand the complexities of working adult life, and we’re committed to walking with everyday professionals each step of the way as they plan the next phase of their personal and career growth.  

Our team at OKWU’s Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) department has created a variety of programs that equip our adult students with all the knowledge and skills that they need to refine and redefine their professional choices. We focus primarily on adult students because we believe that it’s never too late to do what makes you happy, and our online degrees are designed for convenience and flexibility so that they fit easily into your busy lifestyle.  

Achieving greatness starts with a small stepa desire to invest in yourself. Your education matters, but it doesn’t need to be intimidating or overwhelming, especially when you have OKWU working with and for you. Whatever the reason behind your need for change, we’ve got some great ways for you to get organized and achieve your dreams. Let’s walk through it. 

Achieving greatness starts with a small stepa desire to invest in yourself.


1. Research 

This starts with some introspection, and you need to be open to the possibility that your current path is simply not right for you. Browse through other career options on our web page. We have detailed information that is easily accessible and clearly defines the requirements to get you started with your online studies. 

2. Set goals 

Look at where a new career path might lead, the possibilities of promotion, and your expected salary at specific intervals. Consider that you may need a network to help you on your journey, and jot down those you’ve met along the way that can assist or advise on your future goals.  

3. Identify your strengths and passions

We’ve all read some inspirational anecdotal reports of 60 or 80-year-olds that have mastered a new career through education. This can be you! It is never too late to reignite your passion and do what you love. It all starts with playing on your strengths, ignoring the negativity around you, and focusing on the new path ahead. 

4. Strengthen your chosen skills 

Once you’ve identified the path you’d like to take, use all the resources that you can find to hone in on the skills you need to get you up to speed! 

OKWU has all the necessary resources to aid you on this journey, one step at a time. Everything you need is available on our website. All you need to do is complete our online application, and our admissions team will walk the rest of this journey with you.

Bring out the best in yourself with OKWU, and we guarantee that you will be glad that you did! 

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