President Jim Dunn

Read on for a special statement from OKWU President Jim Dunn concerning the recent events in Ukraine.

We ask that you join us today, February 25, in a time of prayer across our campus community for peace and strength to those who are suffering.

OKWU Community:

Like all of you, I’ve been watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine with alarm. We must not overlook this moment. Our own generals and defense officials label this invasion the most egregious violation of a sovereign nation since the days of the Second World War. The aggression of Russia and of Vladimir Putin is flatly and ultimately wrong; it has already led to destruction and loss of life and will lead to much more in the coming days.

Paying attention to this historic moment is appropriate. We should be watching and praying. And while it can be easy to fear during a moment like this, I want to call your attention back to the God that we serve, who is in charge of all things at all times. Psalm 22 tells us that “Dominion belongs to the Lord, and He rules over the nations.” This invasion did not catch our Lord by surprise, I assure you, nor did the other conflicts still raging around the world.

I also want to remind you that prayer is powerful, and that is our duty as believers and followers of Christ to lift these issues up to God. Join me in praying for peace, a ceasing of hostilities, and for protection of life. Pray that the governments of the world can find a way forward in peace. Pray for our leaders in the United States and leaders around the globe.
Remember, our God is in control – the stage of history exists at God’s allowance. I pray daily for those in our community, and I will continue to pray over God’s world in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

For the transformation of all,

President Jim Dunn

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