Graduate and Professional Studies

Out of the many reasons someone may choose to attend an online college, the chance to make personal and professional long-lasting connections is one of the most common. 

Here at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, we have spent the last 15 years tailoring our online classes to be just as fulfilling as in-person classes. That includes finding ways to provide online learners with plenty of opportunities to make impactful relationships. 

A Unique Online Classroom 

All our online students have a range of resources available right at their fingertips to complete their courses and connect to other learners. 

We take a multi-media approach to online learning, incorporating the use of message boards, presentations, and application projects. So even if you are on the other side of the country or the world, you still can experience the dynamics of a real classroom. 

We Already Have So Much In Common! 

OKWU is full of motivated students who all share a common end goal – earning their degree. 

Whether you are earning your associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, your peers will share your educational goals. So, connect with them! They may just become a life-long professional connection. 

For learners who are earning their master’s and doctoral degrees, you will be taking classes with individuals who are already established in their respective fields. This gives you a huge conversation starter to kick-start a relationship.

A Dedicated Academic Advisor 

When you enroll at OKWU, you will be paired with an Academic Advisor who will help guide you through your degree. 

Your Academic Advisor will already be aware of your learning situation (what degree you are taking and your subject of choice) but taking an initiative to reach out to them will put you on a good footing from the get-go. 

Your advisor can help you figure out a balance between your education, work, and life commitments, as well as help you navigate through career decisions as you go through your program. And the best part? They will be praying for you as you go through your courses and finish your degree!  

Put effort into making meaningful connections at OKWU and you are sure to make some relationships that you can carry with you through your professional life.

Responsive, Easy To Reach Instructors 

With 30+ years of experience teaching working adults, OKWU knows that many learners must complete their schoolwork around a full-time job. 

Professors at OKWU are dedicated to offering each learner the same chance at success. If you have any questions about the course or an assignment, our professors are easily available via email, text messaging, or a simple phone call. They understand time is of the essence and respond promptly; this means you may hear from them in the evenings or on weekends as well. 

You Get Out What You Put In 

All in all, OKWU provides a platform for you to make a substantial number of long-lasting connections with both your peers and your professors. Engage with them outside of the online class environment and try to extend that olive branch even from across the country. 

Much like any learning environment, you get out of online learning what you put in. Put effort into making meaningful connections at OKWU and you are sure to make some relationships that you can carry with you through your professional life! 

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