Graduate and Professional Studies

Here at OKWU, we offer a variety of methods that you can continue gaining the needed skills to excel in your current position, or to take your career to the next level.

For some students, taking full-time courses taught by our outstanding faculty members may be the best decision. For others, making such a large time commitment to a degree program may be more than they need. Our new, short-term professional development courses pair perfectly with a busy schedule to get you the skills you need to continue your career growth.


Self-improvement can be a difficult commitment to make if you already have a full-time job, a family, or other obligations.  Being too busy putting out daily fires can be one of the main obstacles to gaining new skills.  Shorter, on-demand courses without the time pressure of course deadlines can be a stress-free and quick way to make progress.  If learning on your own time via a self-paced program sounds ideal for your schedule and stress level, learn more by clicking here.


OKWU stands behind the quality and value of its online professional development certificates.  Professional certificates offered through OKWU are more than just a ‘badge’ for boosting a social media profile or turning in mandatory continuing education credits. Courses often end with actionable certificates that are required for many positions.  For example, we offer professional development certificates in project management, banking, web design, sustainable management, data analytics, and more.  Upon completion of courses offered through OKWU, students will receive a badge or certificate, as well as credits that can be applied within their profession for continuing education units (CEUs).

Career Enhancement, Career Changes

Earning a professional development certificate is more than just ‘checking a box’ for continuing education within a career or organization.  Professional development certificates are a very effective path to a new career or the ability to apply for new roles within your current career path.  Going back to school for a new Bachelor’s or Master’s degree may not be necessary to earn the knowledge to advance your career.  Most hiring recruiters are looking for a combination of experience and education, which can come in the form of degrees as well as professional development certificates. Earning an online certificate through an accredited institution will result in your ability to say ‘Yes’ to a new position, apply for different roles inside or outside of your organization, and raise your online professional profile.

Showcase Your Skills

Your job title or degree likely fails to accurately reflect all of your skills.  For example, you may have the job title of IT technician, but perhaps you are a leader on your team, manage a budget, effectively communicate with others, and help hire new technicians.  These roles are hidden within your job title and other straightforward job duties.  By earning a professional development certificate, potential employers will see the value you will bring to a role beyond your technical IT skills, which will make you more marketable.  Having formalized certification can communicate your value to others.

If you have ever wanted to enhance your resume without leaving your current job (or your home!), now is the time.  Consider earning a professional development certificate through OKWU. The benefits of earning a certificate will pay off in more ways than one!  Brighten the shape of your future today. Learn more here!

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