Torrey Martin

The Fall 2022 semester has brought about many things to be grateful for! The Lord has been gracious to us in ways we never could have expected – but ways that are worth sharing with the entire world!

Good News

The annual theme for Spiritual Life at Oklahoma Wesleyan for the 2022-2023 year is Good News. We recognize that our world is inundated with bad news at just about every turn. And while it would certainly be easy to be distracted, perhaps even overwhelmed, by the news of this world, we know that now more than ever it’s time for the people of God to be conduits of the good news found only in Jesus. Together, we are journeying through the synoptic gospels to see how the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus gives shape to how we, His followers, live in the world. This year we are intentionally fixing our eyes on the person of Jesus and the good news that He makes available to every person. We are committing ourselves to not just this theme, but to a Good News way of life…making the hope and holiness of Jesus known here, there, and everywhere!

Life Change

This semester has been one filled with much celebration as we’ve seen lives changed for Christ! Central to the theme of Good News this year has been an intentional, strategic focus on making regular invitations for our OKWU Family to take next steps in their relationship with the Lord. This semester alone, we have celebrated life change through first-time salvation decisions, recommitments, and baptisms! We believe that God is very much in the business of life change and He’s proven that to be true here at OKWU!

Students Leading

One thing that excites me most is that we’ve seen our students rise to the occasion of leading in matters of Spiritual Life here on campus. I often say that the sweet spot of what we do is found when we equip and develop our students to lead others. This semester alone, we’ve had students leading worship through song, scripture reading, and prayer; as well as leading bible studies, prayer gatherings, and preaching in chapel. This generation is a special one–one that we find much joy in putting wind in their sails and seeing them flourish in the things God has for them.

Not Done

While there is certainly much to celebrate about what God has done thus far in this last semester, the best part is knowing God is not done moving in our midst. As He’s always been, God is still very much in the business of changing lives and we are believing God for a mighty move in and through our OKWU Family. We stand in the here and now immensely grateful for how God has moved thus far, while also looking ahead with hope-filled anticipation for what’s to come as God continues to lead us forward in the advancement of His Kingdom.

Prayer Matters

Every day as a university we pray that God would send us what we need and that He would do His supernatural work in our midst. Often, people ask me how they can pray for OKWU. My response lately has been simple: pray that we can keep up with what God is wanting to do in our midst. God continues to be faithful to us in ways beyond what we ever could imagine. We’ve seen so many moves of God in our midst and we find ourselves in a place that I pray we can reside in for as long as possible: trying to keep in stride with what God is doing in and through OKWU. We know prayer matters. We’ve seen God answer prayer. And we know that prayer will continue to fuel everything we do here at OKWU.

We invite you join the OKWU Prayer Team and partner with us in 2023.

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