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Oklahoma Wesleyan University is thrilled to debut its new podcast, BeyondU, launching on Wednesday, August 23.

Hosted by President Jim Dunn and University Pastor Torrey Martin, BeyondU serves as a dynamic platform to amplify the important conversations thriving on our campus. The podcast will spotlight captivating stories of OKWU students, faculty, and alumni who are advancing the Kingdom of God. 

BeyondU Podcast — Igniting Conversations

 Season one features esteemed guests, including Dr. John C. Maxwell, Dr. Jonathan Ensor, and notable OKWU faculty, alumni, and students. Our weekly episodes will be available on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube. 

“At Oklahoma Wesleyan University, we’re dedicated to developing students to Be One Sent into the world,” shares Dr. Dunn. “BeyondU marks an exciting venture, enabling us to go beyond our classrooms and campus through meaningful conversations.” 

Expect diverse themes that delve into leadership, navigating contemporary cultural challenges as Christians, living “on mission” daily, and much more.  

BeyondU Podcast takes you beyond the confines of our OKWU campus, inviting you to explore the intersection of faith, culture, and higher education.  

Subscribe today and get ready for the premiere episode on August 23.  

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