Kameron Nettleton

Aaron Bunker, a 2007 graduate, rejoined Oklahoma Wesleyan University in June 2012. 

Since then, he has played various roles focused on student development and engagement. Starting this summer, he officially added Alumni Director to his OKWU resume.

“I’m excited to continue our growth with our alumni,” Bunker said. “Establishing those connections, helping them stay connected to people and seeing what OKWU can do to help them, wherever they’re at.”

Bunker is also the Director of PATH Development, leading a team of PATH coaches who assist current OKWU students as they navigate the challenges of college, from time management to finding a balance between academic and other responsibilities while they are students.

With so many years of experience on a college campus, Bunker has seen how students have changed over time.

“Time goes really fast,” he said. “Different things change. Things that students thought were cool are not cool anymore, but the thing that stayed the same is that they desire to find their place in the body of Christ.”

Now Bunker looks forward to expanding his work with students to alumni who might find themselves all over the globe.

“We want our alumni to know that it isn’t transactional; it’s relational. We want to partner with them, even if at a distance, to serve them and encourage them to use the gifts that God has given them to thrive in whatever field they’re in,” he said.

One of the major changes OKWU alumni can look forward to is a fresh take on Homecoming 2024. This year, alumni and friends are invited to an indoor picnic instead of the traditional banquet, followed by a comedy show featuring Jaron Myers.

“It’ll be a special time to create new memories and trigger memories of our time as students.”

Learn more about Homecoming 2024!

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