The LPN-BSN Advance is an advanced placement option offered by the School of Nursing at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. The LPN-BSN Advance student will receive 20 credits of advanced standing in nursing and have the option of challenging NURS 3823, Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family and NURS 3923, Nursing Care of the Childrearing Family for 6 additional hours of credit. The LPN-BSN Advance student must take NURS 3143 Nursing Advance and complete all junior level general education courses with a “C” or higher and all junior level nursing core courses with a “C+” or higher to have advanced standing credit applied to his/her transcript

Advanced placement is designed to advance the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) educationally and professionally, as well as to prepare him/her to take the NCLEX-RN. Two pathways of entry are planned. The LPN-BSN Advance student is subject to the same progression policies as those required of the traditional Bachelor Science in Nursing (BSN).

Admissions Criteria

LPN-BSN Plan of Study

Planned Entry Pathways:

  • Advanced standing placement into the traditional BSN Program, on a space available basis, at the junior level.
  • In a cohort designed to matriculate throughout the calendar year with classes on nights and weekends

Students are encouraged to have completed all general education requirements and required to have completed a minimum of 32 credits before entering the LPN-BSN Advance Program.

LPN-Advance Admission Requirements:

  • Application and Admission to Oklahoma Wesleyan University
  • Application and Admission to the Traditional BSN Program (through the School of Nursing)
  • Unencumbered license as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the State of Oklahoma
  • Graduate of an ACEN Accredited LPN Program OR at least 1 year of work experience as an LPN