Professor Brian Turner with background

Brian Turner

Associate Dean of Math and Science and Assistant Professor of Physics

Campbell Science

Brian Turner

Dr. Brian Turner received his B.S. from Southern Nazarene University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas. He consistently ranks as one of OKWU’s most beloved faculty members, integrating practical application of his subject matter to advanced, cutting-edge classroom instruction. Through interactive projects like raft-building on OKWU’s pond to practice with catapults, physics takes on a life of its own when studied in one of Dr. Turner’s classes. Most importantly, like all of OKWU’s faculty, Turner remains committed to integrating his Christian faith into the classroom, often going above and beyond for those students entrusted to his care.

“The most important thing for my students is, I hope, that I point them towards God. That they feel like I value them, believe in them, care about them. I also hope that they develop at least some appreciation or love for their subject, that I have made it exciting for them to be lifelong learners in that topic. Hopefully, they have learned about each other, learned how to do teamwork, respect each other, and make relationships that will last their whole life.”


Intro to Physical Science

Intro to Astronomy

Fundamentals of Chemistry

General Physics I and II

Abstract Algebra

Modern Geometry

Differential Equations

Publications and Presentations:

Selected Student/Professor Research Presentations given at Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Conferences:

  •  “Major League Stadiums vs. Batting Success”, with Cody Stafford, Shane Luttenberg (2015)
  • “OK’s Largest Brachistochrone & Other Gymnasium-Sized Curves of Descent,” with Alberto Argot (2013)
  • “Tetrahedral Kites and Sierpinski’s Pyramid,” with Seth Carter (2012)
  • “Bend it like a Mathematician: Differential Equations Study of a Soccer Free-Kick,” with Adam Hardesty (2012)
  • “The Traveling Arkansan Coffee-Drinking Mathematician Problem,” with John King (2012)
  • “Newton’s Law of Cooling with a Varying Ambient Temperature,” with Dallas Lewis (2012)
  • “Frieze Patterns Buried in the Great Temple Mound,” with Krista Baugher (2011)
  • “Romeo, Romeo, What Are Thou Differential Equations?” with Taylor Israel (2010)
  • “In Search of Poe’s Pendulum,” with Nathan Lemay (2009)
  • “Fractal Analysis of Oklahoma and Arkansas,” with Adam Nash (2008)
  • “The Group Theory of Music,” with Rebecka Kermanshahi (2008)
  • “Optimizing the Cross-Section for an Agricultural Sprayer Tank,” with Lindsey Hettich (2007)


  • A Connection Approach to Numerical Relativity” (w/ Salisbury, et al), Classical and Quantum Gravity 11 2789 (1994)
  • “Generalization of the Biot-Savart Law to Maxwell’s Equations using Special Relativity” (w/ Neuenschwander), AJP 60, 35 (1992)
  • “A Hamiltonian for Geometrical Optics”, JURP 10, 23 (1991)


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