Deborah Cheater

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Deborah Cheater

Professor Deborah Cheater obtained her bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma Wesleyan University after completing her associate degree in nursing from a local college. She then completed her master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2009. Upon completing her master’s degree, she taught as adjunct faculty for OKWU for several years. She has previous experience as a full time nursing educator in an associate’s degree program. She has a broad experience in caring for the older adult and hospice care.


Fundamentals, Mental Health, Nursing Research

What’s the best part of your job at OKWU?

Encouraging others in Christ

What makes OKWU a special place?

Spending time with fellow believers in Christ

How do you integrate your faith in teaching?

I am a student of the Bible and love to incorporate Biblical examples into today’s practice of Nursing

What would you tell a perspective student about OKWU?

This is the best place to get an education!

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