Professor Julie Hufstetler

Julie Hufstetler

Director of OKWU Prep and Assistant Professor of History and Political Science

Haltom Student Center

Julie Hufstetler

Professor Julie Hufstetler received her B.A. from Texas A&M University, going on to achieve her M.A. from the University of Houston. Her passion for teaching came later in her life, but now that she’s doing it, she wouldn’t trade it for anything. She focuses her instruction of history on the stories, knowing that it’s the story element that can make the subject matter come alive for her students.

“I love that I can share my faith in the classroom. I love that I work with really small classes; I feel like I get to know the students really well. Most of them, when they come here, are Christians, which is wonderful, and I have them in my home a lot. They get to know my kids and my family; they babysit for us. They really become part of my family.”


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