Kelli Croucher

Executive Director of Admissions

Chapel | Admissions Office

Kelli Croucher

I received my Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2002, and I’m a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. I love the academic world and an OKWU advisor told me about this opportunity to help others reach their educational goals. I met some of the people in this department and have loved my job ever since!

The best part about my job is… 

The best thing about my job is getting to know so many different people! Talking with potential students about their academic goals, getting to visit them in “their element” at the job site, or over coffee to discuss program options.

OKWU is special because… 

OKWU is family. From the moment you step on our campus or log in to an online classroom, you know that you are cared for and part of something bigger than yourself.

I’d tell a prospective student… 

Take an action step now…even if it’s a small one! Most of the people I talk to have been considering their next degree for some time. If they had made that initial phone call, submitted the FREE application, or filled out the FAFSA when they first had an interest, they would already have so much completed! Like all processes, completing a degree can feel overwhelming if you look at the entire picture; taking one step at a time with the help of people who care about your success makes it a lot easier.

When I’m not working, I like to… 

I love to spend time with my family and travel. My husband and I have a teenager and a pre-teen, and I know that the days that they will be living under our roof are becoming fewer and fewer. We like to spend as much time as we can pouring into their lives and the young adults they will become. We are also huge Disney fans – so if we are not currently on a Disney vacation, you can bet we are planning our next one!

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