Professor Kelly Chisum

Kelly Chisum

Director of the Humanities Programs and Instructor of Graphic Design

Keating 202

Kelly Chisum

Professor Kelly Chisum, a native to the Bartlesville area, brings a wealth of practical experience to the classroom in the fields of communication and design. Since graduating with her bachelor’s in English and Art from Hillsdale College, Chisum has spent time in a variety of design roles, eventually going on to open her own business, Wonder and Joy Design Studio. She continues to work with her clients, and is currently pursuing an MFA degree in Media Design.

“The best part of my job is the moment when a student goes from not understanding a design concept to finally grasping it. I love seeing their eyes light up and their excitement over learning something new and being able to use that knowledge to create something beautiful.”

Classes Taught:

Graphic Design I and II

Media Lab

Identity Strategy and Design

Digital Media Marketing


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