Professor Rosa Ketchum with background

Rosanina Ketchum

Associate Dean of Nursing and Associate Professor of Nursing

Campbell Science 201

Rosanina Ketchum

Dr. Rosa Ketchum has lived in Bartlesville for most of her life, having attended Oklahoma Wesleyan University (then BWC) and obtained her Associate of Applied Science in Nursing. A few years later after, she returned, obtaining her BSN at OKWU, eventually going on to receive her Master of Science in Nursing from Indiana Wesleyan University and her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Grand Canyon University. Ketchum has been a registered nurse since June of 2000 and brings a wide array of professional experience into the classroom. Her clinical practice background is mostly in medical-surgical nursing, with some experience in pediatrics and public health.

She is married to her middle school sweetheart, and they have five children together. In her free time, she enjoys reading, knitting, and exercise, considering herself a group fitness junky. Her passion is in combining fitness and music; Ketchum teaches various fitness classes three to five times a week, striving to use group fitness classes as an outreach to empower and encourage women.

“Nursing is an art and a science. Throughout all the nursing program, there is an emphasis on how scientifically marvelously the human body and its function reflects our Creator – as well as our fallen condition. Additionally, there is an emphasis on how providing compassionate care using safe evidenced-based practice is being the hands and heart of Christ… Nursing is more than a job; it is a vocation and ministry.”  

Courses Taught:

Spiritual Aspects of Nursing

Pharmacology in Nursing

Intro to Graduate Nursing Concepts

Transformation Nurse Educator

MSN Education and Administration Practicum

MSN Education and Administration Capstone

Publications and Presentations:


  • Ketchum, R. (2019). Increasing Self-Efficacy to Assist Intimate Partner Violence Victims Using Staff Directed Education (doctoral direct practice improvement project). Grand Canyon University, AZ.


  • Ketchum, R. (2020, February). Work as Ministry. Presentation to the Lewis Fellowship at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.
  • Ketchum R. (2019, September). Addressing IPV for Health Assessments. Presentation to students in a Health Assessment course at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.
  • Ketchum, R. (2019, June). Addressing Intimate Partner Violence. Presentation to staff at a pregnancy resource center.
  • Ketchum, R. (2019, May). Reflections of a Career as a Faith-Based Nurse. Presentation at the Nursing Pinning Ceremony at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.


Member, Sigma Theta Tau

Member, Nurses Christian Fellowship


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