Summer Teams

Thanks for taking time to apply for an OKWU Summer Team!



Apply Now

To submit your application by November 10th at 5pm. Follow the steps below. After you complete your application, it will be submitted to Student Development, and we will be in touch to work out any additional details. Before beginning the application, please answer the following questions in a Word document:

  1. How are you currently involved in a local church?
  2. How have you been involved in your home community and/or the Bartlesville community (civic organizations, sports leagues, etc.)?
  3. What are some of your favorite activities or hobbies?
  4. If asked by a total stranger, how would you describe your experience as a student at Oklahoma Wesleyan University?
  5. What is your personal testimony? Include salvation, spiritual milestones, etc. Limit to one page.
  6. Are you being spiritually developed in any way (bible studies, books, etc)? If so, please describe.
  7. Who has been a role model and/or mentor in your life? Why them?
  8. Why are you interested in joining this summer team?
  9. What prompted you to apply for this team?
  10. What skills do you have that might be beneficial in this role?
  11. What are some of your weaknesses that need to be addressed? How are you addressing them or how do you plan to address them?
  12. How has your major prepared you for this opportunity?

When you have completed the questions above, begin the application below. You will be prompted to give a few additional pieces of information and upload your document of answers.

Camp Team Interview Time

Sorry, the deadline for the application has passed.

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