1 Nation 1 Day

Not long before school started last fall, Dr. Jessica Johnson—Dean of the School of Nursing, traveled to the Dominican Republic with a group of OKWU students and alumni to participate in One Nation One Day.

1N1D is a movement from missions.me that is designed to bring practical aid to meet needs in some of the poorest regions of the world while spreading the name of Christ. From offering free medical clinics, to providing fresh water, to actively taking part in government restoration, 1 Nation 1 Day missionaries are a part of the largest outreach mission in history.

TOWER sat down with Dr. Johnson to learn the highlights of the team’s five-day trip working alongside other missionaries and many locals in 20 cities across the nation. After a several intensive hours of training and worship in Miami, Florida, and 11 charter flights later, the 2,000-member missions team for 1 Nation 1 Day arrived in the Dominican. “The highlight,” shared Dr. Johnson, “was that it was the most life-changing event I have been [part of]”.

The OKWU team—seven students and two alumni, along with Dr. Johnson—were stationed at a medical clinic in Monte Plata, the poorest province in the country. “In four days, we saw 862 patients” Professor Johnson said, “and 195 of them were led to the Lord just through our clinic!”1n1d_1

“Everything we did throughout the week built up to what we considered our one day to change history,” she explained, and that day came on the last of the trip—a crusade broadcast to stadiums and homes in 20 different sites across the country that shared the truth of Christ and of scripture. Throughout the week, more than 62 thousand people across the country were reached with the message of the gospel, and more than 24 thousand came to Christ. “We were at the [Monte Plata] baseball stadium, which could seem like nothing compared to other stadiums, but the people of that province gave it everything they had…and of the 2,000 people reached there throughout the week, 1.8 thousand of them accepted Christ. When you look at that province, where [so many] have nothing, that’s amazing.”


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